Manufacturer of concrete landscape pavers, formulated with ArmorTec. Pavers with ArmorTec have a dense, smooth surface texture and will not expose heavy aggregate as they wear. 

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Concrete Block Basements
Exterior Foundation Insulation

Concrete Masonry has been the most popular basement system in Central New York for over 80 years. We have one of the largest concentrations of masons, for the size of our community, in the country. Builders working with these skilled masonry craftsmen ensure a well built foundation. Block produced in Syracuse, NY and delivered cost effectively with our boom trucks right where your mason needs it, helps keep construction costs to their absolute minimum. With energy efficiency a major concern, our system allows for many excellent options, especially for exterior insulation which allows the greatest benefit of the mass of the block wall. Because CMU are about 50% solid, our wall systems use less material as they are typically only partially filled with grout.     

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Conproco Products - Waterproof & Repair

We stock a large variety of Conproco products. Gray Foundation Coat is heavily utilized in Central New York. It is a fiberglass reinforced cement that provides a waterproof coating to the exterior of basments. In addition to Gray Foundation Coat, we stock a large variety of repair products for just about any concrete or concrete masonry repair that you may need. Our front office staff can talk you through just about any repair project.

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Decro Face
Decro Face CMU

Decro Face is a unique process that adds texture and character to smooth concrete masonry units, but the benefits of Decro Face go far beyond a simple texture and character change. The Decro Face process is an excellent choice when a contrasting accent band or a smooth surface for mounting items such as light fixtures or signs is desired. The finish of units provides a slightly weathered appearance, the degree of which can be controlled and adjusted to suit specifications. 

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Ground Face
Ground Face CMU

Ground Face Block are produced using Standard CMU shapes and sizes, so virtually any smooth block shape or size can be a Ground Face unit. Grinding block in our Multi-Head Grinder removes approximately 1/16" off the surface, exposing the color and aggregate in the concrete matrix. Many standard mix designs are available. You can use our on line color chart for preliminary color selection, but please contact us for a sample kit or full size samples. Custom Mix Designs are also available. Contact us early in design to allow for sufficient time to create the color that you desire.



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Korfil - Insulated CMU
Korfil U-Shape

Korfil Insulated block are available in a variety of options. Korfil U-Shape inserts for use with typical 3 web CMU, Korfil Hi-R, Korfil Hi-R H and SpecBrik Hi-R are available and can meet energy code requirements and your projects needs. We frequently work with designers to help determine the proper match of product to project requirement. We can assist you with COMcheck calculations or compliance using prescriptive methods. 

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Belvedere CollectionRosetta products look fundamentally different than any other concrete landscape products on the market. By accurately replicating natural stone and mimicking perfectly sculpted concrete for the most modern applications, Rosetta?s creating a new standard in hardscape design.

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Spec-Brik and Spec-Brik Jumbo are available Nationwide from Concrete Products Group (CPG) manufacturers. SPEC-BRIK provides Architects, Developers and Contractors with a cost effective, convenient masonry option in the construction of new projects. They are available in the standard CMU widths in a half high unit. SPEC-BRIK JUMBO are available in the same standard CMU widths, but in a full height dimension. These are especially useful when budgets are tight. Among the many advantages of Spec-Brik are the increased speed of construction, minimal maintenance, Mold & Fire Resistance, and Nationwide availability. The units have a Smooth brick like texture and are available in a wide variety of colors that look like brick. We can even adjust colors to suit specific project requirements.

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Split Face
Split Face

Split Face Concrete Masonry Units are produced on block machines, two at a time and then cured in large kilns. The units are split apart when they are removed from the kiln. The surface of the split face unit is fairly consistent with each unit having a somewhat unique appearance.  Color choices are almost unlimited. Earth tone colors such as gray, tan, brown, red and salmon are produced using gray cement, local aggregates and pigments. We can also produce units with white cement and/or aggregates and pigments. We show a variety of colors on the color chart, but we can adjust mix designs to try and meet your needs if none of these colors satisfy project requirements. Because of the irregular surface of Split Face block, we recommend that you consider using a smooth surfaced unit such as Decro Face or SpecBrik at the tops of walls. In locations where roof coping metal is designed to be placed over the face of the masonry, a smooth unit can provide better resistance to wind driven rain entry.

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Standard Basement Block

 Block basements have been the preferred foundation system in Central New York for more than 50 years. Concrete Masonry Units for foundations are produced to high standards year round in a controlled factory environment and installed by the large pool of skilled residential masonry contractors that Central New York is blessed with. We have also invested in the latest and greatest in Boom Truck Technology, to keep these skilled masons working as efficiently as possible. This all adds up to a cost effective, high quality foundation for your new home.

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Veneer Stone
Prestige Stone

 Barnes & Cone carries several different manufactured Veneer Stone options. Environmental Stoneworks is national brand with production facilities in the state of Pennsylvania. Prestige Stone is Amish family owned operation located in Ohio. There is certainly something for everyone in the product offerings at competitive prices.   

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Versa Lok
StoneEdgeHigh-Quality Segmental Retaining Wall Blocks for all Commercial and Residential Landscaping Projects. No Frost Footings or Mortar Needed.

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