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Hardscaping products, such as Paving Stone and Segmental Retaining Wall Systems are produced in concrete block and paving stone facilities, such as Barnes and Cone's.

Since the late 1980's, we have been producing the Versa-Lok Retaining Wall system and over the last several years, we have been producing StoneEdged weathered products that have gained popularity as a more natural looking wall.

Along with our wall products, we carry Unilock, Nicolock, Rosetta and Cambridge Paving Stone products. 


All Masonry materials, including Brick, Stone, Concrete Pavers and Segmental Retaining Wall units can develop Efflorescence.


Your material supplier or Contractor cannot predict when or where it will occur and cannot be responsible for its presence.


A copy of Efflorescence Facts from the New York State Concrete Masonry Association is available in the Literature Section of our Home Page. It describes what Efflorescence is, how it happens, possible removal methods and preventative measures.

Visit our Manufacturer's Outlet and 24-Hour Courtyard Showroom at 5894 Court Street Road and see the huge variety or call for a Dealer or Contractor near you.

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